Rabbi Michael Henesch

ā€¨Certified Mohel
Rabbi Michael Henesch is a certified Mohel who has been sharing his unique ability of blending education and ceremony with families since 1985. He is a second generation Mohel following in the footsteps of his father-in-law, of blessed memory, Reverend Frederick Goldberg, who practiced for over 55 years in the Washington D.C. area. Rabbi Henesch primarily serves Washington, D.C., New York, Virginia, Maryland and Florida. He is available nationwide and has performed services overseas as well.Rabbi Henesch was formally certified as a Mohel in Jerusalem by Rabbi Yitzchok Lang and interned at Hadassah and Laniado-Sanz Medical Center in Israel. He is a practicing Mohel at both Sinai Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore as well as hospitals in Columbia, Washington D.C., Virginia and New York. He is associated with the major urology groups in the area and is referred to patients by leading pediatricians and obstetricians whose own children and grandchildren he has been privileged to serve. As a Rabbi, he has lectured on the medical and religious aspects of ritual circumcision throughout the country for Jews of all denominations and has made himself available as a resource to countless families in areas of Jewish life and tradition.He and his wife reside in Maryland and New York and each of their four children is involved in patient care.