Notes from Parents

After being blessed with the privilege of performing over 12,000 Bris ceremonies, the following represent just a small sample of typical recent notes that Rabbi Henesch received after he conducted his service:

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  Thank you again for making Ethan’s Bris a day to remember. Those who had attended many said it was the most intimate and emotional Bris they had ever witnessed. Those who had never been to a Bris felt very much included and part of the ceremony. For us, it was a moment that ranks with the day we were married and the day we first saw our son. Rites of passage such as this are very important to our family, and there is always the wish that they will be “perfect”. Thanks to your expertise and sincere compassion, our son’s Bris was just that.

Best regards,  Vivian and Andrew Finke

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  Amy and I want you to know how lucky we consider ourselves to be that you served as Mohel at our son Sam’s Bris. You were considerate and patient during a difficult period, and, above all, spiritual (not to mention being a good surgeon!). Many people have commented that they found the ceremony meaningful-even moving-far beyond the standard of the Brises they usually attend.

I can promise that if we are blessed with another son you will be the first person we call.

Please accept our sincere thanks. And feel free to drop in if you are in our neighborhood.
Stan Kroll

Dear Rabbi Henesch:  I wanted to thank you for your kindness, compassion and professionalism at our son Daniel’s Bris yesterday. As you are aware, it is quite a stressful time for my wife. Your comfort and reassurance helped her to appreciate the ceremony. For that I will always be grateful.

Mark Silverman, M.D. FACS

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  Thank you so much for performing Jordan’s Bris. The ceremony was beautiful and you were wonderful with Jordan and us. Most of our relatives have been to several Brises and they all commented on how special and unique your ceremony was. They were all surprised and delighted to take an active role. While we only met you that day, Lisa and I felt we had known you for years and your gentle, reassuring manner made it a most special day for all of us.

Sincerely,  Matt and Leah Portnoy

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  We want to thank you, again, for such a beautiful ceremony and masterful completion of Jonathan’s bris. There is no one else we would have trusted more to conduct our son’s circumcision than you. For many attendees, it was their first bris and each one of them told us how positively affected they were by your service, many saying they wished their sons’ hospital circumcisions had been so smooth. For those who had witnessed a bris in the past, they all said that you were the only mohel who had included the sibling in the service. We are so grateful for that as well.

  We will also always remember the special bond we have with you: sons Zev and Jonathan!

Fondly,  Steve, Licia, Zachary & Jonathan Tunick

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  We want to thank you for your outstanding service to us as a Mohel for our new son. Your sensitivity, know-how, and dedication to this Mitzvah will always stand out in our minds. We are very grateful for your kindness and can only wish that you be zocheh to perform many, many more Brisim for many years to come. May we share in only simchas together!

The Leifers

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  Please accept this belated thank you for the extraordinary Bris you conducted on our son Liam. As you promised, it was a relatively stress-free and pain-free day for all of us and the words you spoke brought home the important connection we were making with our ancestors. Liam continues to thrive and is blessed with such a beautiful beginning.

Deborah Gilpin

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  As we approach the one-week anniversary of Benjamin’s Bris, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you performed for our son and our family. We are a modern family striving to understand how we can establish and nourish a Jewish home, and Benjamin’s Bris was one important step down this path. For me, in particular, it was a very powerful lesson in what it means to be Jewish, …and I hope that I can nurture the fine qualities you spoke of not only in my son, but also in myself as I undertake the conversion process.

Thanks again,  Jane Endelman

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  It is easy to see why my friends with baby boys told me that I had to call you up to perform my baby’s Bris. You are amazing at what you do!

  I will always remember Jack’s Bris. I can’t tell you how overcome with joy I felt when you said that Jack was “your parent’s dream…” Jack is our dream-a gift and a blessing. Thank you for taking such good care of him during the ceremony. And thank you for all your patience and kindness in showing me how to care for him.

  We are grateful and we thank you for everything.

All our best,  Sarah, Mark and Jack Davidowitz

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  On behalf of my husband and myself, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the beautiful bris you performed on Sunday for our grandson. It was a very special and emotional day for all of us. Our family and guests were all moved by the event. The ceremony was inclusive of everyone, which was very important for Aliza and Michael as an interfaith couple. You have a wonderful way with people and a talent in the way you carry out the circumcision. I feel our baby Matthew was extremely blessed by your presence, prayers and performance.

  May you have a long healthy life and continue your service for our sons, grandsons and families.

Thank you again,  Vivian Miller

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the beautiful Bris ceremony you gave my newest son Spencer. Everyone has said what a lovely day it was and I owe so much of that to you. I only wish you had done my older son Zachary’s Bris. Thanks so much for a wonderful memory. We just came back from his first doctor’s appt. and everything checked out great.

Tracy Neuman and family

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  Thanks for performing such a beautiful service for our beautiful son. You captured the emotions of the day perfectly.

  Also, much appreciation for calming nervous mommy. Your reason behind not letting myself hide upstairs was excellent. We will be sure to pass your name along to the expectant families we know.

Best wishes,  Jack and Susan Noye

Dear Rabbi Henesch,  What a blessing to have you perform our son’s Bris. You are a very soothing, confident man whom we respect very much.

  Thank you very much for your time and efforts. We could not express our appreciation enough.

G-d bless and thanks again!  Traci and John Matthers